Monthly Archives: March 2013

March 20 2013

Everywhere You Look

There is no doubt that The New York Palace is drenched in history. Around every corner you can find something with historical significance. But sometimes, you have to look up to find the real treasures. The ceilings in The Palace add another dynamic to the hotel’s lustrous décor. Although the intricate ceilings can be found in different locations of the hotel, the designs are specific and selective to the rooms in which they are located. In addition, as we make … Read More

March 18 2013

Historic Cues from Steve Henry

Throughout our renovations at The New York Palace, one common theme has been the design and aesthetic of the hotel. As we conduct upgrades to The Towers and The Villard Mansion, we are constantly trying to find a middle ground between both spaces that will combine the old with the new. This week we caught up with the lead designer of The Towers renovations, Steve Henry. Henry is a Principal at BAMO, an interior design services company, where he uses his extraordinary knack for design … Read More

March 15 2013

Restoring Grandness

We are literally leaving no stone untouched here at The New York Palace, as we renovate the rest of the hotel by conducting a full masonry restoration. The Process As a New York landmark, we are required to get approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission before cleaning The Villard Mansion, which was originally constructed in 1882 by Henry Villard and now serves as an elegant venue for business meetings and special events. The Commission oversees all renovations to the hotel … Read More