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April 26 2013

Flashback Friday

In the spirit of Flashback Friday, check out our photo collage below to see the different views surrounding our Madison Avenue entrance from 1885-1941. Photos courtesy of The Villard House: Life Story of a Landmark We’re proud of our preservation of the Villard Mansion throughout the years, and look forward to the new changes to come with our renovations. Stay tuned for more Flashback Friday posts and feel free to suggest your favorite past Palace moments in the comments below.

April 10 2013

History of The New York Palace

As we bring you details of our renovations at The New York Palace, we’ll also be taking a look at the history of how The Palace became the legend it is today. Stay tuned for a series of posts tracing the story of The Palace, featuring historian and author, Mosette Glaser Broderick, Director of Urban Design and Architecture Studies at New York University. The Villard Mansion of The New York Palace is one of the most well-preserved mansions in New … Read More

March 15 2013

Restoring Grandness

We are literally leaving no stone untouched here at The New York Palace, as we renovate the rest of the hotel by conducting a full masonry restoration. The Process As a New York landmark, we are required to get approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission before cleaning The Villard Mansion, which was originally constructed in 1882 by Henry Villard and now serves as an elegant venue for business meetings and special events. The Commission oversees all renovations to the hotel … Read More