Monthly Archives: March 2012

March 26 2012

Celebrate the Sweetness of Spring With Lindt and The New York Palace

If the warm weather and fast-blooming cherry blossoms weren’t enough, The New York Palace and Lindt are providing ample reason to celebrate spring in New York City with the Gold Chocolate Package. Guests can enjoy the luxurious accommodations and prime location of The Palace and an array of irresistible perks by booking this month-long package. The Gold Chocolate Package includes a steady stream of sweet and unexpected extras in honor of spring’s arrival and the 60th birthday of the LINDT … Read More

March 20 2012

Jane Green, New York Times Bestselling Author, Visits The Palace

Guest Post by Jane Green,  New York Times Bestselling Author Years ago I thought having a book party meant you had well and truly made it, and I loved being surrounded by all the people that had worked so hard to make my book a success. Then I started having children, and more children, and life got busier, and book parties fell by the wayside, and I have not celebrated the launch of a new book for quite some time. … Read More

March 16 2012

Mosette Broderick Celebrates The New York Palace’s 130 Anniversary

Mosette Broderick , Director of the Urban Design and Architecture Studies Program at New York University commemorated the 130th anniversary of The New York Palace by celebrating the architectural details of the iconic hotel in a guest blog post for The Huffington Post. Happy Birthday to an NYC Architectural Icon Tucked behind St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the heart of Manhattan lies an architectural gem with a storied past, waiting to be discovered by a new generation. The Villard House, a brownstone palazzo … Read More