June 7, 2012

The New York Palace & Eden Fine Art Bring the Work of Dorit Levinstein to Midtown Manhattan

Step into an immersive artistic experience this summer without leaving Midtown Manhattan. The New York Palace and Eden Fine Art Gallery are bringing “Studying The Masters: Inspiration of Dimension,” a sculptural exhibit by Dorit Levinstein, to The Palace’s historic courtyard. Opening June 8th, the work – a sculptural reinterpretation of masterworks from various historical periods – will enliven the hotel’s stately Madison Avenue courtyard.

The exhibition ushers viewers into an alternate universe of vivid forms, figures and colors. The sculpted figures stretch out with exquisite elasticity to form to their unique positions hanging in space. The sculptures rely on a continuous virtuosic line for their form – the line alludes to figures such as animals, humans, flowers, and ordinary domestic objects.

“Dorit Levinstein’s exhibition at The New York Palace Hotel is in many ways a perfect match to our philosophy,” said David Chase, General Manager of The New York Palace. “It pays homage to the past Master artists while simultaneously giving their work a new and modern dimension.”

In “Studying The Masters,” Levinstein synthesizes painting and sculpture, the two methods of art most familiar to her. The existential angst of Levinstein’s painting fuses with the ease and harmony of her sculptures in the exhibit, creating an evocative experience. The New York Palace and Levinstein’s work both stand as signature pieces of the fabric of New York City – celebrations of historic elegance and forward-thinking modernism at their best.

“Respect meets expression, tradition meets innovation and elegance meets modernism,” said Chase. “It all happens here in the fantastic, colorful city of New York.”

To learn more about “Studying The Masters: Inspiration of Dimension,” please visit www.eden-gallery.com or contact The Palace.

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