Monthly Archives: March 2013

March 28 2013

The Reluctant Model

As The New York Palace continues to evolve, so does the artwork. In our previous post, The New York Palace Undergoes an Artful Update, we gave you a brief overview of the oil portraits located on our fourth and fifth floors, including The Reluctant Model. The Reluctant Model piece (pictured below) is a Palace favorite. The portrait features a little girl who seems to be unenthusiastic about modeling for the painting. Nancy Sweeney, art consultant for The Palace and principal … Read More

March 27 2013

The Industry’s Best Behind A New York Legend

We’ve been bringing you an inside look at The New York Palace upgrades, but now we are taking you behind the scenes to showcase the designers, artists and historians who are making the new designs a reality. As a New York landmark, The Palace searched high and low for top talent to modernize the hotel while also maintaining its prestige and historical integrity.  We wanted The Palace to be fresh and up-to-date, so we selected elite people to work with … Read More

March 26 2013

Taking Metal Polishing to Another Level

In our recent post, Restoring Grandness, we highlighted the process in ensuring that the exterior of The Villard Mansion is as beautiful as its interior. Our process doesn’t end with the mansion, as we are also polishing the outside of our 55-story high Towers. As The Towers are made from metal and not stone, the cleaning process consists of polishing, sealing and re-caulking the 32-year-old metal curtain of the hotel structure. We began polishing on March 1st and anticipate completion … Read More