Monthly Archives: March 2013

March 22 2013

Halls of Change

As renovations continue, we wanted to show our readers the progress that we have undergone. The photos below (from left to right) highlight our journey from traditional to modern within The Towers. When The Palace was first designed, we took the regal approach, using reds, golds and browns against white walls. In light of the new renovations, we are in the process of gradually renovating the hallways for a fresh start. Striving to modernize our spaces, our designers gathered inspiration … Read More

March 21 2013

Subtle Changes at The Palace

Since the start of our renovations, we’ve made some major changes to ensure our guests are not inconvenienced during their stay with us. We wanted to make a conscious effort to keep the renovations out of view as much as possible and instead focus on the beauty that is The Palace. An example of this is our entryway. As part of this effort, we have created a decorative entrance for our guests. Prior to the renovations, the entry to the main … Read More

March 20 2013

Employee Spotlight: Interview with Mike Farina

The New York Palace is not only rich in history, but also in people. We have a very diverse staff who come from a variety of backgrounds. Mike Farina, for instance, is a New York Palace gem. After being laid off from a previous job in 1994, Mike received a lead from his Union representative that The New York Palace was hiring an electrical engineer. With only $11.00 in his pocket, Mike was hired on St. Patrick’s Day 19 years … Read More