Monthly Archives: August 2013

August 27 2013

Artist Snapshot: Dror Heymann

As we’ve continued to keep our readers updated with insider information about our renovations, there are a few areas we have been keeping secret at The New York Palace. With the help of Brooklyn-based designer and sculptor Dror Heymann, we are looking forward to creating an atmosphere in a secret area of The Palace that will surprise and inspire our guests. Who: Dror Heymann, founder of Dror Heymann Collections, is a designer and sculptor whose penchant for turning solid, resistant … Read More

August 23 2013

Digital Renovations

At The New York Palace, our renovations aren’t limited to our physical property, but also to our online presence as well.  By working with CREATETHE GROUP, we have launched new, user-friendly microsites dedicated to our updated Towers offerings. CREATETHE GROUP was founded in 2004 to assist brands with creating innovative, emotional campaigns and commerce solutions that maintain the highest levels of brand integrity in digital, mobile, social media and emerging technology. By collaborating with CREATETHE GROUP, we have launched a … Read More

August 22 2013

Art in the Metropolitan Suite

In our post, The Metropolitan Suite, we highlighted the features of this newly renovated, special part of The New York Palace. To complement the rich and sleek contemporary look of The Metropolitan Suite, BBG-BBGM, our interior design team, sought out original and thoughtfully selected pieces of art. The space has been described as “an art installation rooted in elegance.” Adorning the main parlor’s bookshelves, three papier-mâché animal heads of a zebra, gazelle and rhinoceros provide a unique and whimsical addition. … Read More