February 20, 2013

Adding Sparkle with Swarovski Crystal Lighting

Lighting in Hall

In upgrading the overall designs for our hotel, we wanted to make sure that The New York Palace style was not compromised through the recent renovations, but instead modernized.  As a result, Swarovski Crystals have been incorporated into various elements of The Palace’s design for a contemporary elegance.

The iconic Swarovski brand is the master of sparkle when it comes to adornment.  From chandeliers to premium jewelry to luminous road markings, Swarovski has been a leader in the crystal business for over 100 years. It is our intention to bring the beauty, sophistication and elegance found in Swarovski crystal designs to our guests through unique and eye-catching Swarovski crystal lighting.

Swarovski Logo

In selecting the Swarovski crystal lighting, our designers were looking for a modern design element that would designate the connecting areas of the lower fourth and fifth levels, while complementing the Italian Renaissance style of the upper levels and Villard meeting rooms.

“When we extended the design to the lower fourth and fifth we needed a design element to designate the connecting areas of the two levels and duplicating the lighting did not make sense and another chandelier would compete and not complement the upper levels,” said Amy Jakubowski, partner and designer at internationally renowned architecture and interior design firms BBG-BBGM.

Crystal Lighting Long

Rather than utilizing contemporary Italian chandeliers that would compete with the design of the upper levels, Amy and her team added the Swarovski crystal lighting feature to stay with the “modern lighting” and “unexpected” concept – a theme found throughout the renovations that adds uniqueness to The Palace’s new designs.

Crystal Lighting Twinkle 2

For example, when you walk by the Swarovski crystal lighting feature, no matter the time of day, it looks as if stars are twinkling in the sky. The extravagant, glimmering lights provide an enchanting experience for our external and internal guests who appreciate classic beauty with a modern twist.

The Meeting & Event space on the hotel’s fourth and fifth floors has been completely restored and redesigned to complement the existing selection of rooms, which includes historic landmarked interiors and grand sweeping ballrooms. Click here to read more.

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