August 22, 2013

Art in the Metropolitan Suite

In our post, The Metropolitan Suite, we highlighted the features of this newly renovated, special part of The New York Palace. To complement the rich and sleek contemporary look of The Metropolitan Suite, BBG-BBGM, our interior design team, sought out original and thoughtfully selected pieces of art. The space has been described as “an art installation rooted in elegance.”

Adorning the main parlor’s bookshelves, three papier-mâché animal heads of a zebra, gazelle and rhinoceros provide a unique and whimsical addition. Made from recycled book pages and cement bags, these colorful, artisanal pieces offer a source of interest and play upon the idea of old world taxidermy typically found in classic libraries. They also give a friendly nod to their content’s recycled heritage.

Photo Feb 14, 11 16 31 AM

A sculptural metal art piece, Dancing Chairs, was sourced from RARE Culture, an initiative that represents emerging artists and designers from around the globe. The charming piece features four standing human figures with a series of chairs perched atop. Made by architect-designers from El Salvador, Ambience Studios, the piece uses recycled metals and woods as primary material sources. With its rusted metal matte finish and daring twisted and cast configuration, the piece stands eight feet high and sits upon a wooden pedestal.

Photo Feb 14, 11 17 44 AM

“As designers, it isn’t often that we have the opportunity to select art and design pieces that tell a story and encourage a dialogue between the guest and the space,” says lead project interior designer and BBG-BBGM partner, Amy Jakubowski. “Guided by our client’s vision to create a unique space, we were able to articulate and express our design sentiment in an unusual way, highlighting the distinctly metropolitan setting and showcasing contemporary and artisan elements simultaneously.”

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