August 27, 2013

Artist Snapshot: Dror Heymann

As we’ve continued to keep our readers updated with insider information about our renovations, there are a few areas we have been keeping secret at The New York Palace. With the help of Brooklyn-based designer and sculptor Dror Heymann, we are looking forward to creating an atmosphere in a secret area of The Palace that will surprise and inspire our guests.


Who: Dror Heymann, founder of Dror Heymann Collections, is a designer and sculptor whose penchant for turning solid, resistant materials, such as stone, metal and wood, into sculptural forms has earned him wide recognition on the New York art scene.

What: Heymann uses elements of the human body and nature to create his pieces of art that will enhance, rather than outshine, their settings. Heymann’s jewelry and sculptures blends elegant, natural shapes with the formal elegance of contemporary sculpture in timeless, heirloom quality pieces where no detail is overlooked.

Where: Originally from Israel, Heymann was commissioned by The Palace to create a very unique piece for one of our secret spaces. His design is modern and fluid, just like the overall design of The Palace. Using custom paints, Heymann has created a futuristic finish to his piece of art that will give The Palace a look our guests have never seen.


Stay tuned as we continue to unveil details of our secret spaces at The Palace! 

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