July 23, 2013

Behind the Scenes at the New York Palace

At The New York Palace, we work very hard to ensure that our guests only see a beautiful hotel with restaurants and event spaces. In truth, it takes a lot of time and groundwork to present an organized hotel to visitors. We got a chance to speak with Curtis Duffy, Executive Director of Stewarding, and Pascual Ayala, Stewarding Supervisor, about their behind-the-scenes work at The Palace.

The New York Palace: How did you start your career at The Palace?

Curtis Duffy: It was a goal of mine to work with a major hotel in New York. After I went to school for business in Massachusetts and began to work for a caterer in sales, I then transferred to stewarding work. When I moved to NYC, I met people in the hospitality industry and made the switch.

The New York Palace: What is your daily routine?

Curtis Duffy: On a daily basis, we provide preparation for banquets, bars, restaurants and room service. We make sure the banquet functions have the equipment needed for a successful event. Most of our work is done at night, so the front of the house has what they need in the morning. We want the guest to think that everything magically appears.

The New York Palace: What has been your biggest contribution to The Palace?

Curtis Duffy: My major contribution has been to provide leadership to my team. Ensuring that we’re respected, keeping my team motivated and exhibiting Palace Pride is an important part of my job.

curtis and pascual

Left to right: Pascual Ayala and Curtis Duffy

The New York Palace: Why do you think your job is important to the hotel?

Pascual Ayala: My job is important because I make sure everything works properly for the guests. It’s a very important behind-the-scenes job!

The New York Palace: What is your favorite part of the job?

Pascual Ayala: My favorite part is when everything comes out perfectly – when my team and I do a good job because we know we gave our best.

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