August 22, 2013

Custom Woodwork from Bali

Throughout the renovations, The New York Palace has commissioned many custom pieces of art. From imported marble floors in The Towers lobby to unique artwork from New York-based artists, The Palace is becoming a topic of design conversations. One piece that is special to The Palace is our hand-carved wooden panel, which is a focal point of the newly renovated lobby as guests walk down our grand staircase.

Our design team from Champalimaud commissioned San Juan Ventures (SJV) in Bali, Indonesia to produce this special piece as part of the refurbishment. The two teams collaborated for several months to execute their vision for our newest work of art.


The SJV woodcarvers posing in front of the panel.

The newly-carved panel is a custom creation for The Palace, however, parts of the design were pulled from an existing panel on our second floor. It appears that this panel was part of the hotel in the late 1800s.

Shawn Farrell, Design Director of SJV, is proud of what his team has completed. “With every project, it is a goal to produce a superior product that our generations of trained Javanese and Balinese craftsmen can be proud of as a reflection of their training, expertise and passion,” he says.

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