June 13, 2013

Employee Spotlight with General Manager David Chase

As our renovations are beginning to come full circle this summer, we got a chance to chat with The New York Palace’s General Manager David Chase about the renovations, employees and what is in store for guests at The Palace this summer.

David Chase comes from a hospitality background that spans over 20 years. Having started his career at The Ritz Carlton San Francisco, Chase began working in the catering side of hotels. After relocating to the east coast and working in Boston, Chase settled in New York to open the first W Hotel in the city. Through the years, he has transcended from working in catering to opening hotels to serving in managing positions at prestigious hotels like the St. Regis and Trump SoHo.

Having worked at The Palace for the last two years, Chase still finds joy in working in the hospitality industry through these last 20 years.

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The New York Palace: What made you want to work for The Palace specifically?

David Chase: The Palace is such an iconic hotel in New York that is rich in not only in history but also in quality service.

The New York Palace: What does your daily routine look like?

David Chase: I spend a lot of time planning with various executives at the hotel. For example, I work with the rooms division, sales and marketing, and food and beverage divisions about their operations. In addition, since we are under renovation, I spend a lot of time liaising with contractors and design teams to understand how we can all co-exist together during this time.

However, I wish I could spend more of my day talking to the customers and employees about my overall excitement of the project and listening to our guests and team members. At the end of the day, it is not about this $140 million dollar renovation, it is more about making guests feel comfortable and valuing employees.

The New York Palace: How has the staff adjusted to the renovations? 

David Chase: We have exceptional ladies and gentlemen working on the team and we spend a lot of time taking care of them and keeping them motivated. We’ve created Palace Pride that serves as a mantra for our work as we assist guests. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and genuine interactions because that is what keeps guests coming back time after time.

The New York Palace: How has your background in opening hotels differed from the reopening of The Palace?

David Chase: From my background, I am able to see and understand the construction side of the renovations. When people say, “Oh, you’re opening on Monday?” I am able to look at something and give you an estimated time of completion.

Overall, managing an operating hotel and renovations simultaneously has been an “aha!” moment for me because it puts our knowledge and service to the test to ensure our guests are fully accommodated as if nothing was going on. The management teams here are really the best I have ever worked with and they do a great job of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The New York Palace: What are you most excited about for the renovations?

David Chase: The fact that everything in the hotel is getting redone means it is not just a renovation for guests but also for our employees. All staff members are getting a beautiful new work environment. But overall, I am most excited for the newly designed and open Towers Lobby and the new food and beverage options that will be unveiled soon.

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