September 5, 2013

Our International Guests

As mentioned in our post Worlds Away, The New York Palace has many visitors from all over the world. From the United Kingdom to Brazil to Germany, we’re so honored that these guests travel from afar to experience our new renovations. We caught up with our Director of Towers Ruggero Massetti to learn more about how The Palace welcomes international guests to New York City.


The New York Palace: In your opinion, what attracts international guests to The Palace?

Ruggero Massetti: Service is at the top of the list for international guests staying at The Palace, as is our long-standing reputation in the hospitality world. Another factor is our proximity to everything in New York City, from Fifth and Madison Avenues for shopping to Central Park and Rockefeller Center. International guests also love our hotel amenities, as well as our spa and gym facilities that they use throughout their stays with us.

The New York Palace: How does The Palace accommodate these guests?

Ruggero Massetti: Quality of service and the degree of satisfaction are the most important differentiating factors in every hospitality environment, and what we are proud to offer here at The Palace. It is very important for our team members to understand and appreciate cultures outside of the United States in order to enhance the nature of their interactions with guests of different cultures, religions, races, etc. It is for this reason that The Palace is training our team to appreciate and accommodate people from diverse backgrounds around the world. As such, diversity not only facilitates easier understanding of different cultural perspectives, but enhances the delivery of satisfactory services as well through communication and observation.

The New York Palace: What amenities do you offer international guests?

Ruggero Massetti: At The Palace, we pride ourselves on having a multilingual team that is able to speak to our guests in many different languages. We also offer many international television channels and newspapers so guests from other countries are able to keep up with the news. On request, rooms can come with an international adapter. Stop down at our Concierge during your stay, as we have access to New York City guides and brochures in various languages.

Stay tuned for more inside looks at The Palace!

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