April 4, 2013

Out With the Old, In With the New

Have you ever wondered how a room is renovated while the hotel is still operating? In this blog post, we will take you through one room’s renovations at The New York Palace.

The First 24 Hours

At the outset, the area is prepped for renovations by the housekeeping and engineering staffs. They work together to remove all of the operating supplies and equipment (better known as “OS&E”) from the space. All linens and amenities, like robes, soaps, lotions, towels, and slippers, are removed. The engineering team then takes all the locks off the doors and preps the area so the construction crew can easily maneuver around while they work.

When night falls, next up is the furniture removal process. All of the furniture that will not be used in the new renovation is wrapped and removed from the property. Since the majority of our furniture is only gently used, furniture is often repurposed in other hotels or office spaces.

Transition Corner Suite

The Next Nine Weeks

On average, it takes nine weeks to completely renovate one guestroom. These nine weeks consist of various projects like installing new windows, reconstructing new architecture and laying new flooring.

After the nine weeks have passed, the room is turned back over to the hotel by the construction crew. The housekeeping staff is important in the next phase of the process, as they ensure the space is in prime condition. Once the furniture is returned, the housekeeping staff places the items according to the designer’s plans while cleaning the area. The engineers return to prepare the locks and lighting, as well as clean the air ventilation systems. The Telecom Department checks all data ports and installs new phones.

Transition photo

The Quality Assurance Process

Once everything has been re-installed the room is ready for the quality assurance process. Members of our various teams inspect all aspects of the new renovations very closely, ensuring that it is functioning appropriately. A lighting designer makes sure the lights function properly and flatter the artwork. With the installation of appliances like our new Miele coffee maker, we test every piece of equipment to make sure it is working properly. Everything in the room is scrubbed, washed, polished, dusted and prepared to be ready for the next guest to enter its doors.

dbl pic

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