February 15, 2013

Palatial Locker Rooms

The New York Palace is undergoing renovations to enhance the experience for both our visiting guests and our “internal guests” – our staff. We are committed to our team, and our employees are as important to us as our hotel guests. As part of our commitment, both the men’s and women’s locker rooms have been entirely renovated. The women’s locker room, recently completed, is pictured here.

“Our employees are the fabric of The New York Palace,” said David Chase, General Manager of The New York Palace. “The needs of our staff are a top priority, and the recent upgrades to the locker rooms are only part of our efforts to show our appreciation for the good people who work hard to make The Palace what it is today.”

Initially, the women’s locker room was going to be a floor lower than its original location, replacing the C3 level of the parking lot. However, it was decided the newly renovated $3 million facility would remain in its current location in order to not create further distance from the employees to guests.

The women’s locker room is equipped with vibrantly colored lockers that accommodate all of our female employees.

The New York Palace Hotel is also in the process of upgrading other staffing areas such as the cafeteria.  More renovations are to come for our valued employees!

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  1. Deborah MacDonald

    AHHH..Refreshing..so delighted to see the locker rooms update and bright.. I worked NYP from 1982-2005 and remember how we hoped for a change in the locker areas..!

    1. NY Palace Post author

      Hi Deborah, thank you for your comment! We appreciate your feedback and are excited about the recent changes!


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