February 28, 2013

Q & A with Guest Service Associate Jimm Kalinka

The New York Palace hotel has been a cornerstone of New York City for decades. We’ve undergone both major and minor changes in the past years, but fortunately for us, not everything has changed. We have loyal team members who have been a part of The Palace family throughout all of the hotel’s transformations, and who share our excitement about our newest upgrades to enhance the experience for both our external and internal guests.

We caught up with Guest Service Associate Jimm Kalinka, who has worked at The Towers Front Desk for nearly 32 years. Jimm has seen past renovations at The Palace but is especially excited about what’s in store for the newest upgrades throughout the hotel.


The New York Palace: What led you to a hospitality career?

Jimm Kalinka: I have a Bachelors of Arts and a Bachelors of Science and wanted to work in the communications industry. When I was 21 and first came to New York, I started in real estate reception with a high profile real estate agency. I later transitioned to Interview Magazine with Andy Warhol before joining The Palace team, where I have been employed for nearly 32 years.

The New York Palace: What are you most excited about for the new renovations?

Jimm Kalinka: Over the years, the travel industry has changed a great deal, and when these renovations are completed, The Palace will be a new property. When the doors re-open, the people who have respected The Palace all of these years will be wowed and those who haven’t tried The Palace in a long time will give us another try. People will be blown away.

The New York Palace: What were the last renovations you were present for?

Jimm Kalinka: The last renovations were 12 years ago. At the time, the hotel featured a classical design that focused on red and blue tones with velvet and gold accents. Parts of the hotel were updated from classical to modern, allowing us to appeal to a younger, hip clientele as well as continue our classical look.

The New York Palace: What is the best thing about the new hotel renovations?

Jimm Kalinka: At first, the shared classical and modern looks were very welcoming, but now, we’re creating a cohesive, modern look throughout the hotel. This is a much needed change. In addition to the design change, there are a lot of exciting things happening with our restaurant and bar operations. There will be a bar for everything, whether you want a quick glass of wine in your jeans or a more fancy option, we’ll have it all.

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