March 15, 2013

Restoring Grandness

We are literally leaving no stone untouched here at The New York Palace, as we renovate the rest of the hotel by conducting a full masonry restoration.

The Process

As a New York landmark, we are required to get approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission before cleaning The Villard Mansion, which was originally constructed in 1882 by Henry Villard and now serves as an elegant venue for business meetings and special events. The Commission oversees all renovations to the hotel and ensures the landmark is protected. Once the Commission reviewed our methodology, they approved the process.

The Maintenance

After getting approval to proceed with the property washing, we hired the same contractors who work with our neighboring St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The contractors thoroughly wash the surface with a temperature regulated solution that removes surface dirt while still preserving the stone.

As of the now, the cleaning is three-quarters complete and soon The Villard Mansion will look as good as new.

Washing pic3

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