July 18, 2013

Smooth Grooves at The Palace

In a city known for its fast pace and city sounds, we’ve made sure that once you enter The New York Palace, you are in a zone that is free of outside noise. As mentioned in our Window Upgrades post, we’ve installed windows designed to block out the noise in our guest rooms. In addition to windows, we have also paid special attention to the music in our lobby. Although the tunes are subtle, we wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere for both our guests and employees that represents our new renovations and our classic style.


To accomplish this, we enlisted the services of The Beat Advisory, a highly customized music service and marketing agency that works with leading hospitality and restaurant brands to help create the perfect audio experience for their guests.

We got a chance to chat with Andrew Wintner, owner of The Beat Advisory, about the company and their work for The Palace.

The New York Palace Hotel: What is your background and what does The Beat Advisory do for clients?

Andrew Wintner: My background is in hospitality on the marketing side, but in college I was a DJ. Over time, a lot of my friends in the restaurant industry would ask me to build a playlist for their venues. From there, I started The Beat Advisory two years ago as a way to blend my passion of music with the industry I’ve come to love to help clients with their musical needs.

The New York Palace Hotel: What is the process in creating playlists for clients?

Andrew Wintner: As we work with various clients, whether for a bar, restaurant or hotel, the goal is to always keep customers coming back or staying longer. You want the guest to have a quality musical experience.

We work with clients to create their sonic identity, which is how their brand translates into music. With new clients, we like to spend time in the space, whether by eating, drinking or simply hanging out. We also read articles and talk to staff to really get a feel for the establishment and their expectations.

We then create playlists that are separated by the time of day. For example, the lists are broken up into four hour time blocks for the morning, afternoon, evening, and late night that each includes at least ten hours of music. As the day progresses, the energy levels start to rise and the music progresses, too. These lists are updated monthly as songs are added, removed and rotated. This helps our focus of creating a balance between the vibe of the venue, management’s opinions, guest response and what we think fits with the brand.

The New York Palace: What type of atmosphere does The Beat Advisory provide The Palace?

Andrew Wintner: The Palace is an interesting client because of its history and its classic and legendary environment. We wanted to come up with a sound that is modern and unique, and that you wouldn’t hear on the radio, all while maintaining respect for the iconic feel of the hotel.

Check out our custom playlist on Spotify that was created by The Beat Advisory. Now, you will have a piece of The Palace wherever you go!

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