March 21, 2013

Subtle Changes at The Palace

Since the start of our renovations, we’ve made some major changes to ensure our guests are not inconvenienced during their stay with us. We wanted to make a conscious effort to keep the renovations out of view as much as possible and instead focus on the beauty that is The Palace.

An example of this is our entryway. As part of this effort, we have created a decorative entrance for our guests.

Prior to the renovations, the entry to the main lobby was open to reveal the sky. However, once renovations began, we decided to cover the necessary scaffolding with delicate garlands and lights to create a nice, heavenly-like atmosphere as you enter The Palace.

palace pic 1

The garlands provide a warm and cozy environment throughout the year.

Photo Feb 14, 10 30 47 AM

In addition, an added touch that makes a world of difference has been the lights that are intertwined around the garland. Although Madison Avenue is only a few yards away, with the lights twinkling around the scaffolding, it sets the mood as if you were sitting under the stars.

This space provides guests another opportunity to sit in a relaxing gazebo-type atmosphere outside of the lobby and other common meeting spaces.

Photo Mar 04, 9 35 09 AM

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