March 26, 2013

Taking Metal Polishing to Another Level

In our recent post, Restoring Grandness, we highlighted the process in ensuring that the exterior of The Villard Mansion is as beautiful as its interior. Our process doesn’t end with the mansion, as we are also polishing the outside of our 55-story high Towers. As The Towers are made from metal and not stone, the cleaning process consists of polishing, sealing and re-caulking the 32-year-old metal curtain of the hotel structure.

We began polishing on March 1st and anticipate completion by August 1st, depending on the weather. The weather plays a major factor in the metal polishing process because, unlike the mansion which can be cleaned at any time, the metal polishing can only be done in weather that is 50 degrees or higher. If not, the cleaning solutions will freeze.

Here are some pictures of the polishing. We can’t wait for you to see the finished product!


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