August 6, 2013

The Complete Towers: A Visual Tour

After months of preparation, we’ve put the final touches on The New York Palace Towers! From the new lobby to the suites, we’ve completely updated the hotel while still maintaining the old touches our guests have grown to love.


We brought new art into The Palace that gives our guests a modern feel and creates a calming atmosphere. In working with the Art Advisory Service, they’ve introduced us to various artists including Gudrun Mertes-Frady, Annette Davidek, Andrew Zimmerman, Doug Glovaski and others.



We transformed the Towers Corner Suites into the new Debut Towers Corner Suites, which represent elegance, luxury and contemporary accommodations.


Lobby Design

Walking in the streets of New York City can be hectic, but when guests arrive at the new Towers Lobby, they will have a tranquil experience. The lobby takes cues from old and new designs to create what we like to call “modern sophistication.”


New Features

Along with design, convenience and functionality were also top priority at The Palace. We installed new Miele appliances, windows and customized Crestron lighting features, all geared toward enhancing guest stays.


Public Spaces

We even took special consideration into the hallways and storage areas to ensure that change is felt everywhere.


We hope you enjoyed this overview of changes at The Palace. There is still more to come!

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