September 24, 2013

The Palace Fireplace

In our blog posts Italian Influences and Our New Lobby, we gave readers a glimpse at the magnificent fireplace displayed on The New York Palace’s second floor mezzanine. Now that the renovations have been revealed, we invite our guests and admirers to take in the beauty of this masterpiece.

fireplace 3

The fireplace is only the second work of its kind, and was originally created by the great American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. A world-renowned artist of the American Renaissance, Saint-Gaudens is also  the creator of the bronze “Diana of the Tower” sculpture. The other fireplace created by Saint-Gaudens is on display along with Diana of the Tower at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. We’re truly honored to have such an iconic work of this caliber at The Palace

Diana of the Tower” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Verona marble used throughout the reception area, lobby and ground floor of the hotel was inspired by the landmarked fireplace. We hope you enjoy this elegant aspect of The Palace’s interior, as well as its historical significance.

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