July 24, 2013

The Palace Know Best: Personal Shopping

Known as the Fashion Capital of the World, New York City is the best place to have an ultimate day of shopping. As The New York Palace is located on Madison Avenue, guests can simply walk out of our doors to enjoy the variety of boutiques and specialty shops the city has to offer.

The Palace Concierge team recommends expert personal shoppers like Joan Kaufman to make the shopping experience unique to individual guests. If a lady or gentleman is looking for a special outfit, our Concierge will work with fashion experts to suggest the perfect designers to suit our guests’ needs. Whatever the aspiration, it can be obtained at The Palace.


Chef Concierge Carolyn Innocenzi recalls assisting one female guest who needed to dress for a yacht event. “Together, we were able to find everything and within a relatively short period of time,” says Innocenzi. “Our guest looked reminiscent of an actress in the film Now Voyager, one of my personal favorites.”


Photo courtesy of Fanpop.com

From fashion to food to nightlife, stay tuned for more of what The Palace knows best!

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