June 19, 2013

The Palace Knows Best: Al Fresco Dining

With the first day of summer fast approaching, dining “al fresco” is a fun option in New York City. One does not have to be exposed to the passing traffic or heat while sipping a refreshing cocktail. Check out New York Palace Chef Concierge Carolyn Innocenzi’s recommendations for really going “out” to eat.

There are some lovely options like La Birreria, which offers a relaxing rooftop experience above Mario Batali’s Eataly. Located on 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue, La Birreria is across the street from the beautifully restored Madison Square Park.


Photo courtesy of New York Magazine

There is also the secret garden at Barbetta, one of Innocenzi’s personal favorites. “Barbetta is the best because you do not know that you are within minutes of the Theater District in this hidden, gorgeous and comfortable space,” she says. This garden is located at 321 West 46th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues on the famous “Restaurant Row.”


Photo courtesy of Barbetta

Of course, there are the ultimate summer dining options at the Boat House in Central Park or Bryant Park Café in Bryant Park. If a guest wishes to take an adventure uptown, the beautiful New Leaf Café at 1 Margaret Corbin Drive is nestled in the trees by the Cloisters Museum at Fort Tryon Park. Guests can also enjoy River Park which offers a lovely view of the East River and the onsite produce garden from their terrace. Of course, we cannot forget the famous Water Club, which has been a success for thirty years. It sits on the East River and 30th Street.


Photo courtesy of New Leaf Café

Our Concierge is also delighted to inform guests that the gorgeous River Café is soon to reopen in late June after having gone through renovations since Hurricane Sandy. Don’t hesitate to call our Concierge for more information about al fresco reservations and more.

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