September 25, 2013

The Palace Knows Best: Top Picks at Pomme Palais

As mentioned in our post Introducing: Pomme Palais, The New York Palace Concierge is excited for guests to experience Chef Michel Richard’s French patisserie, which is accessible from our lobby. Check out Chef Concierge Carolyn Innocenzi’s top picks for breakfast, lunch and everyone’s favorite meal of the day, dessert!

“Everything is unique, beautiful and absolutely delicious,” says Innocenzi. “The space is so very pretty and energizing, and has the most perfect ‘pomme’ color in its décor. It punctuates the space with such elegance.”


Innocenzi first suggests grabbing a little bite of Paris for breakfast with a Petit Dejeuner – egg whites and gruyere cheese on a brioche bun, paired with a Latte la Clementine with house caramel.

For lunch, her sandwich suggestions include the tantalizing Portobello Reuben and the Ham Croquet Monsieur. Another great option is the Pomme Palais Executive Lunchbox, which includes a sandwich, salad, dessert and chips.

And don’t forget dessert! “In addition to breakfast and lunch, there are a variety of stunning cakes and pastries to choose from,” says Innocenzi. Her favorites include the Auteuil (with chocolate and raspberry), Fleur d’ Automne (with a chocolate flower and chocolate mousse), and Lemon Meringue Pie (in a white chocolate shell). The Fruit Baba Verrine, a dessert in a glass cup that is soaked with fruit juices, is also on her list for top desserts to try.

“Pomme Palais is not to be missed,” says Innocenzi. “Guests will always experience the best that New York City has to offer at The New York Palace.”

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