June 11, 2013

The Palace Knows Best: Aire Ancient Baths

This week, The New York Palace, along with our Chef Concierge Carolyn Innocenzi, recommends Aire Ancient Baths, the ultimate relaxation spot in Manhattan that is located on 88 Franklin Street in Tribeca.

Who says that you have to get on a plane and visit some exotic location to have an experience that soothes the soul and is a bit out of the ordinary? We recommend that our guests experience the beautiful space at Aire Ancient Baths, as they offer a sublime tranquility.

aire ancient baths

Photo courtesy of Ridgley Radar

Guests have the opportunity to choose from various pool experiences at Aire. The Tepidarium Pool provides tepid water, the Caldarium Pool provides hot water, and the Frigidarium Pool provides cold water for guests. The Lanconicum Room features high steam and is also a wonderful experience to add to the mix. The benefits of the baths are endless as the warm water relaxes the muscles and the cold water helps your body stay hydrated.


Photo courtesy of Lucky Magazine

“My personal favorite is floating in the salt pool,” says Innocenzi. “I must say that I was not brave enough to go into the Frigidarium, but I enjoyed watching other brave guests do so and gaining the full benefits of the process. I think the Greeks and Romans had it right!”

In addition, guests can reserve spa services, like the “four-handed massage,” after enjoying their two-hour pool session. Aire Ancient Baths is open from 9am to 11pm daily, and we suggest asking your Concierge to secure your reservation and prepare you to experience serenity.

4 hand massage

Photo courtesy of Aire Ancient Baths Facebook Page

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