3 Things We Love About the Courtyard at The New York Palace

The New York Palace’s Madison Avenue Courtyard is more than just an entryway to the hotel’s lobby. The shaded area is a lush oasis just steps from Madison Avenue and the bustle of Midtown Manhattan.

The courtyard’s style has been re-engineered for the summer with the help of Frontgate, which gifted The New York Palace bold, fashion-forward outdoor furniture from its Grayson collection. The new furniture – along with The Palace Hour treats and Pomme Palais summer menu – has turned the courtyard into a uniquely placid gathering place in the heart of the city.


If we had to choose, the following would be our favorite summer activities in the courtyard:

1. Lounging on the Courtyard’s Fashionable Frontgate Furniture

Thanks to Frontgate, the Madison Avenue Courtyard is outfitted for the summer with furniture to match its shaded scenery and sense of placid peace. The new outdoor furniture comes from Frontgate’s Grayson Collection – along with pieces from the Wilshire, Cadiz, Marin and Benedict collections – and was designed to make a trendsetting statement in true New York City style.

Frontgate took the idea of turning The Palace Courtyard into an “outdoor room” to heart, using fabrics and materials built to withstand the elements to create an all-encompassing and lush setting. Pillows, blankets, rugs and lanterns lend the space a luxurious feel to match the hotel’s elegant lobby, and the open aura allows guests and visitors to step away from the pace of the city, decompress, and relax for a moment, a minute, or an hour.

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2. Sipping Al Fresco Cocktails and Coffee

The Palace Courtyard’s new summer style makes life’s everyday indulgences extraordinary. A mid-morning coffee, an afternoon snack, or a pre-theater cocktail become a noteworthy experience – something to savor and remember.

Our favorite way to enjoy a morning in the courtyard involves an iced coffee – and perhaps a cookie (or two) – from Pomme Palais. Catching up on The New York Times, or even work emails, just feels better in the lush setting created by Frontgate’s furniture and the stunning walls of the historic Villard Mansion. Come the end of the day, there’s no better place in New York City to enjoy a drink al fresco. The Lobby Lounge serves wine, beer, cocktails and spirits, providing the perfect way to start an evening in the city.


3. Relaxing in a Placid Outdoor Oasis in the Heart of the City

There’s a reason native New Yorkers gravitate toward green spaces during the summer: It’s sometimes tough to find a bit of peace, quiet, and beauty in the city. Some head for the Hamptons, the Catskills or beyond, but the Madison Avenue Courtyard represents a more practical choice. Located in the middle of New York City’s busiest commercial district, the courtyard grants city-dwellers and visitors some sorely needed serenity without requiring a trip away from the city. It’s amazing what a few minutes in the courtyard can do.


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