The Secret Weapon to Perfect Skin


The holidays are here to spread love and cheer. Unfortunately, our busy seasonal agendas can catch up to our skin rather quickly after consecutive nights of drinking mulled wine and enduring the harsh New York winters.  When you come to visit your family and spend time with distant relatives stun them with fresh and youthful looking skin by using a moisturizer fit for your personal beauty essentials. Naturopathica provides an organic and natural alternative to the standard moisturizing product. If you’re constantly trying to fix hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone use the Brighten and Revitalize lotion to smooth out any unwanted facial discoloration. If you’re striving to preserve your youthful glow, use the Smooth and Firm lotion which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, if you’re battling the harsh winds and bitter cold, Hydrate and Protect nourishes dry and sensitive skin. This could make for a perfect holiday gift, emphasizing that the gift gave thought to your loved one and true attention to their specific beauty needs. Or you could stash it in your purse as your secret weapon to head turning, perfect, glowing skin. Pick up your Naturopathica at the Spa at Lotte New York Palace on the 8th floor.

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