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August 13 2013

The Metropolitan Suite

With the recent reopening of The Towers, we are also introducing more specialty accommodations at The New York Palace, including The Metropolitan Suite. This luxurious area was designed by BBG-BBGM to serve as a living art gallery in the sky. Each room was inspired by New York City in both direct and subtle ways. For instance, the living room uses yellow and blue accent colors, which were derived from streaming taxis on the streets and the serene sky as both … Read More

February 20 2013

Adding Sparkle with Swarovski Crystal Lighting

In upgrading the overall designs for our hotel, we wanted to make sure that The New York Palace style was not compromised through the recent renovations, but instead modernized.  As a result, Swarovski Crystals have been incorporated into various elements of The Palace’s design for a contemporary elegance. The iconic Swarovski brand is the master of sparkle when it comes to adornment.  From chandeliers to premium jewelry to luminous road markings, Swarovski has been a leader in the crystal business … Read More

January 29 2013

The New York Palace Undergoes an Artful Update

As part of its sweeping property-wide renovation plan, The New York Palace recently updated the artwork on its fourth and fifth floors, bringing in original pieces from vintage sources and modern pieces of eclectic origin to augment the hotel’s elegant public spaces. The Palace’s more traditional pieces reside on the fourth floor, which features function spaces with gold and celestial blue color palettes. Each of the fourth-floor paintings is an original, curated from antique and vintage sources by senior designer … Read More