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April 26 2013

Flashback Friday

In the spirit of Flashback Friday, check out our photo collage below to see the different views surrounding our Madison Avenue entrance from 1885-1941. Photos courtesy of The Villard House: Life Story of a Landmark We’re proud of our preservation of the Villard Mansion throughout the years, and look forward to the new changes to come with our renovations. Stay tuned for more Flashback Friday posts and feel free to suggest your favorite past Palace moments in the comments below.

April 26 2013

History Tidbits From Mosette

If you’ve dined in The Madison Room at The Palace or enjoyed a cocktail in our corridor bar, formerly known as Gilt, then you are familiar with the space we are referring to and will be surprised to know some of its history. In our previous post, “Past & Present with Mosette Broderick: Building The Villard Mansion,” Broderick touched on various stories and anecdotes about the mansion, but there was one common theme that stuck out – the collaboration of artists. The … Read More

April 24 2013

Our Lobby Mural: In Progress

Art has always been a key element in the décor of the New York Palace. From sculptures like Penny to The Reluctant Model, we look to showcase various types of artwork that will spark interest among our guests. While incorporating numerous pieces into our new designs at the hotel, there’s one piece that will have the greatest canvas to be working from: our 2nd floor mural! This mural is definitely a force to be reckoned with as it will be … Read More