December 8, 2011

Going Green at The New York Palace

The New York Palace prides itself on its status as a green hotel and takes steps to stay environmentally sustainable every day. From energy efficient lighting to eco-friendly partnerships to a focus on locally sourced products, The New York Palace makes sticking to its Green principles a priority.

Luxury Green Hotel in New York City

In order to earn certification as one of just 11 Green Key hotels in New York City, we have put into place a number of procedures to reduce the hotel’s environmental impact. In early 2010, The New York Palace formalized its Green policy and undertook a number of eco-friendly initiatives, including:

  • Implemented composting and recycling programs
  • Partnered with Clean the World to donate all partially used soap to communities in need
  • Doubled the amount of locally sourced and sustainable cuisine served throughout the hotel
  • Installed a monitoring system to help “Green” employees’ printing habits
  • Teamed up with the New York Restoration project to purchase and plant trees in New York City

As a result of these ongoing Green policies, The New York Palace received four keys under the Green Key certification program, which recognizes hotels that are committed to reducing their environmental impact and using fewer resources.

When you stay with us, you can be  rest assured your environmental footprint remains as minimal as possible. By recycling and sending organic waste to a composting facility, The New York Palace diverts between 17 and 20 tons of organic material away from landfills each month. This waste is instead collected and processed into nutrient-rich soil used by local farms. The soaps and bottled amenities you leave behind in your guest room are collected, cleansed and shipped to areas in which young children lack access to soap products. The menu of GILT, our upscale eatery, includes many dishes made with locally and regionally sourced ingredients and a full list of local and organic wines. Just by checking in, you’re assisting our eco-friendly efforts – thanks for helping out!

Our hotel stands currently as the largest hotel in Manhattan to operate using 100 percent renewable energy, and we know these efforts are just the beginning!

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  1. Gray

    You’re parents alayws could go with you, and try to keep tabs. The city is great, and really, there aren’t people to be scared of in most places, and it would be great to experience a lot of what NYC has to offer, but you can get in over your head really quickly. Depending on where you are from, and what your daily experiences are, you might not be ready to figure out subways and maps and cab drivers who aren’t patient. I think the first time that I went, I was around 15, and on a school trip, and going there from a rural hometown. It was just a little overwhelming. But I loved it!


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