March 5, 2013

A Serene View

Although various aspects of The New York Palace are changing to enhance the guest experience, a few things will remain untouched. The views, for example, have never looked better!

Some of the best guest room views are those located directly in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Madison Avenue.

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Guests whose rooms are located across from the Cathedral have a unique vantage point that cannot be experienced from street view. The Cathedral is grand at any level, but whether you’re on the eighth floor or the 48th floor of The Palace, you are guaranteed to find something you haven’t seen before.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral was established in the late 19th century to promote religious freedom and was paid for by contributions from immigrant families and through the donations of 103 prominent citizens in the community. The Cathedral was formally opened in 1879. Since its opening, The Cathedral has been the home for numerous dignitaries and New York citizens. As a member of the Archdiocese of New York, many clergymen used the Villard Houses as office space.

Regardless of what view you have of St. Patrick’s Cathedral you will be in awe of its splendor at The Palace.

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