August 14, 2013

Art Talk With Nancy Sweeney

Among the renovations, our new art collection is something in which we have put a lot of time and effort to find amazing pieces that would create a certain ambiance for The New York Palace.

As mentioned in posts like Art for All and Penny for Your Thoughts, we reached out to Nancy Sweeney of Art Advisory Services to help us in finding the right pieces. By working alongside Nancy and her team, we were exposed to many different artists like Antonio MuradoPhilip John EvettAnnette Davidek and more. In addition, we learned about the many men and women who create fantastic artwork right in our local neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

We recently spoke with Nancy about various art pieces at The Palace and the importance of selecting New York-based artists.

Stay tuned for more exclusive information from Nancy Sweeney and other partners of The Palace.

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