July 31, 2013

Artist Snapshot with Antonio Murado

As we convert The New York Palace into a more modern hotel where guests can relax and enjoy their stay, we have worked with many contractors, vendors and artists to bring a new feel to our historic space.

This week we are highlighting notable artist, Antonio Murado, whose artwork will be featured in our newly renovated Main Lobby. 


Who: Antonio Murado is a renowned artist based in New York, who started his career in Spain while attending the University of Salamanca. After completing projects in Madrid, Murado received a scholarship to study art in New York and hasn’t looked back since.

What: Murado isn’t limited to just canvas art. One of his most recognized pieces is the Salome-Inspired Coffee Set, symbolizing the death of John the Baptist. In addition to this piece, Murado has worked within abstract and contemporary art and has recently begun working with wood. 

coffee set

Where: Commissioned by The Palace, Murado has created two untitled pieces that he refers to as “pensamientos,” or “thoughts” in Spanish. The pieces resemble flowers that are beautifully layered in water.


Stay tuned for more snapshots of our artists at The Palace!

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