May 30, 2013

Employee Spotlight: Ricky Arechiga, Director of Guest Relations

Here at The New York Palace, we are gearing up for the re-opening of The Towers lobby next week, and are excited for all the new installations and designs being finalized. With new guests checking in, our Guest Relations Director of the past six years, Ricky Arechiga, is thrilled to assist guests with all of their needs during this new chapter. We caught up with Ricky to chat with him about our new upgrades.


The New York Palace: Please take us through a typical day at The Palace.

Ricky Arechiga: My team and I take care of all requests from guests, especially from VIPs, royal families, high profile and celebrity guests. We make sure any and all requests are taken care of to exceed guests’ expectations.

The New York Palace: As The Towers reopen next week, what are some benefits to The Palace’s extended stay guests?

Ricky Arechiga: We will make sure all their requests are met and that certain amenities are provided and refreshed along the way, as well as serve as a liaison to the hotel for any questions they may have.

The New York Palace: What adjustments have been made for extended stay guests as a result of the renovations?

Ricky Arechiga: Some guests prefer the services of our maître d’ etage as they check-in with unpacking or ensuring that they have their favorite selection of pillows or specialty waters. We make our guests that are staying for longer periods of time comfortable with all of the benefits that they would need at home.

The New York Palace: What is your favorite part of the job?

Ricky Arechiga: I enjoy speaking with our guests on a daily basis. I have always been a “talker” and now I get to do it for a living! I really enjoy listening and genuinely helping the people around me.

The New York Palace: What about the new renovations are you most excited for?

Ricky Arechiga: I’ve been hearing about the renovations for many years, and for it to finally come true and to see the results are enough excitement for me. Our guests and staff are so loyal to the property that everyone will just be eager to have more beautiful surroundings. There will be a sense of freshness and elevated luxury here.

Stay tuned for more spotlights on our staff at The Palace!

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