September 13, 2013

Enjoying Our Courtyard

As we move closer to celebrating the unveiling of our renovations at The Palace, we are working to bring our guests a look at the progress we’ve made since the transformations began at the hotel.

As you may have seen in our posts Subtle Changes at The Palace and Uncovering the Courtyard, our Madison Avenue entrance previously contained scaffolding wrapped in delicate garlands and twinkling lights while the renovations team was hard at work. Now, we are excited to reveal that the only twinkling lights to be seen from our Courtyard are the stars in the nighttime sky!

Palace photo

Not only is our Courtyard a beautiful sight for our guests’ enjoyment, but passersby can’t help but notice its beauty as well. We hope you take a moment to appreciate the elegance of our Courtyard whether you visit The Palace or walk by on a Madison Avenue stroll.

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