June 4, 2013

Grand Opening: The Towers Lobby

It has been a long time coming, but we are pleased to announce our Towers Lobby is open and ready for your visit!

Our teams have worked tirelessly to bring our iconic hotel a new and modern look. From top to bottom, we have brought The New York Palace into the 21st century with top-of-the-line renovations. For some, it is like walking into a whole new world that simultaneously captures the tradition of The Palace’s history and the modern sophistication of New York City.


Longtime Palace guest Mr. Forwick checked-in to his favorite suite in The Towers this morning and was greeted by General Manager David Chase. As a guest of The Palace nearly one hundred days a year, Mr. Forwick was impressed by our new look.

“The New York Palace is my preferred hotel not only because of its location to great shops and restaurants, but also because of the relationship I have with the staff,” said Mr. Forwick. “The renovations are nice and are really an upgrade from the lobby that was here before.”


Pictured left to right: Mr. Forwick and David Chase, General Manager of The New York Palace

Our staff is also very excited by the new lobby upgrades and has been delighted to see the looks on guests’ faces when they walk through the 50th Street entrance. “The renovations are truly fabulous and worthy of our services. I am proud to be a part of the New York Palace team,” said Ani Bedrossian of the Concierge team.


Pictured left to right: Anna-Marie Rieber, Ruggero Massetti and Ani Bedrossian

In previous posts like Italian Influences, we gave our readers an inside look on our design teams’ trip to Italy to bring back hand-selected marble stone that would be embedded in the Towers Lobby floor. We followed that post up with a Part 2, a post that showed how we laid the foundation for the new marble pieces and other new construction in the lobby. Now, our finished product has come to life!

The new lobby is covered in light colored marble walls and a unique marble floor design. In addition, there are beautiful patterns that catch the eye. The lobby is very light and airy and creates a brightness that reflects in our hotel staff and anyone who walks through the doors.


There is more to come as we are celebrating our new space all week. Stay tuned for additional information on more completed renovations!

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