August 8, 2013

Hosting a Royal Event

With thousands of venues, museums and restaurants in New York City, there are a variety of places to host a fun and exciting event. However, there is only one place we know of that is perfectly suited to host a royal affair: The Royal Suite at The New York Palace.

Recently, we hosted a gathering for a few of our blogger friends like IntoxiKate, Skimbaco Lifestyle and Mom in the City where we treated them like kings and queens. They got a chance to experience our Royal Suite, which is an extraordinary space perfect for hosting those regal moments in your life.

Take a look at what the suite has to offer below.


Photos courtesy of IntoxiKate and Skimbaco Lifestyle

From birthdays to weddings to family milestones, our Royal Suite is available to make any occasion a majestic one.

There will be more events and updates at The Palace, so stay tuned!

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