February 11, 2013

Inside The Debut Corner Suite: Lighting

The New York Palace is in the midst of thorough property-wide renovations, from its dining venues to its suites to its public spaces and beyond. The changes range from the obvious to the almost imperceptible, but every adjustment serves a specific purpose – every comfort has been considered.

The Palace’s Debut Corner Suites – newly renovated luxury accommodations on the hotel’s exclusive Towers floors – are filled with contemporary details that add ease and comfort to every stay. The suite’s state-of-the-art Crestron technology includes comprehensive light control panels, offering completely automated control of the suite’s mood.

Guests can use the remotes – which appear in both the bathroom and the bedroom – to adjust the brightness of individual lamps, or to select a preset option such as “Full On,” “Evening,” “Relax,” “Nightlight,” and “All Off.” The Crestron system also includes controls for the window shades, allowing guests access to New York City’s shimmering skyline at the touch of a button.

Learn more about The Palace’s Debut Corner Suites.

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