May 24, 2013

New York Connections

In recent years it has become more popular to purchase locally grown and produced goods in an effort to support the economy around you. Here at The Palace we have also adopted that concept and have intentionally selected nearby vendors for our renovations. Since The Palace is a New York landmark we pride ourselves on working with local artists and vendors.

A few of the design and construction companies we have teamed up with have hand-selected New York vendors to add a local element to the renovations.

The John Hardy Group specializes in working with hotel clients to ensure quality renovations and designs. The JHG is currently working with The New York Palace Art Program and Nancy Sweeney of the Art Advisory Service that will add personality and accentuate the hotel space.

The New York Palace: How important was it to work with New York vendors? 

The John Hardy Group: We felt it was very important to utilize local artists and local galleries in our search for artwork. New York has a thriving art community and is the primary art capital in the United States. This important distinction is well celebrated at The New York Palace and reinforces the property as a New York institution.

The New York Palace: Tell us how some of the pieces were inspired by the NY culture.  

The John Hardy Group: We commissioned Brooklyn artist Allison Gildersleeve to do a series of pieces inspired by The Palace. Allison visited the property several times and selected views or landmarks to feature in her abstract watercolors. This series will be framed in the Elevator Landing on the Main House Guestroom floors. 


Shawmut Design and Construction has much experience in working with historic spaces to preserve its authenticity. Shawmut has been working with a local vendor to reconstruct the canopy at the 50th Street Entrance to The Towers Lobby, as well as the brownstone on the face of the building to complement the original stone on the Villard Mansion. In addition, Shawmut is working with a local vendor in Maspeth, NY who created all the interior millwork including the reception desk, bellman desk, concierge desk, and tower lobby desk.

The New York Palace: How did you select New York vendors to work with The Palace?

Shawmut Design and Construction: We went through an extensive bidding process and had interviews with the subcontractors to select the best fit for the project and who had the best understanding of the design elements.  Also, we looked at their past experience to ensure they had the qualifications to meet the intent of the design.

The New York Palace: Where did you find the New York vendors you worked with?

Shawmut Design and Construction: We have completed hundreds of projects in the city, which provides us established relationships with a diverse network of qualified subcontractors. It is our number one goal to provide an enjoyable and rewarding construction process for every client, on every job.


CHAMPALIMAUD, is a full service interior design and planning firm that specializes in hospitality spaces. The company has been collaborating with New York’s own Evergreen Architectural Arts for our lobby, Maison Gerad and Art Space for the new lobby lounge décor.

The New York Palace: Was there a conscious effort to work with NY vendors?

CHAMPALIMAUD: Consciously or unconsciously we tend to gravitate towards using local vendors.  It helps that New York has some of the most innovative products and artists around.

The New York Palace: Please explain how some of the pieces were inspired by the NY culture.

CHAMPALIMAUD: The mural for the 2nd level pre-function space was directly inspired by New York during the time that The Palace, formerly the Villard mansion, was built. We took inspiration from the Villard family’s railroad and shipping enterprise, the age of industrialization, and the scene of the New York harbor from that period.



We can’t wait for you to see all the new spaces that are coming this summer. Stay tuned.

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