April 11, 2013

Past & Present with Mosette Broderick: Building The Villard Mansion

Past & Present with Mosette Broderick: Building The Villard Mansion

As time passes and The New York Palace continues to evolve, there has been one person in particular who has kept up with The Palace’s long history, Ms. Mosette Glaser Broderick. Having co-written The Villard Houses: Life Story of a Landmark, Broderick is one of the most knowledgeable people about many historical sites in New York, especially The Villard Mansion and The New York Palace. Among her many titles, Broderick serves as New York University’s Director of Urban Design and Architecture Studies and as Director of the Master of Arts program in Historical and Sustainable Architecture in London.

In addition, she has worked alongside The New York Palace for years uncovering the hotel’s history and educating others about the property. As we implement new upgrades to The Palace, Broderick has helped designers and architects translate the hotel’s past into today’s modernized designs.

We caught up with Mosette in the hotel’s Madison Room for lunch and chatted about Henry Villard’s initial plans for the mansion, as discussed in yesterday’s blog post, History of The New York Palace. What’s interesting to know is that the building of the mansion was driven by the collaboration of designers and architects who later became prominent in their fields under Henry Villard’s direction.

Instead of giving all the particulars away, we’ll let Mosette provide the details in the video below.

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