The New York Palace Undergoes an Artful Update

As part of its sweeping property-wide renovation plan, The New York Palace recently updated the artwork on its fourth and fifth floors, bringing in original pieces from vintage sources and modern pieces of eclectic origin to augment the hotel’s elegant public spaces.

The Palace’s more traditional pieces reside on the fourth floor, which features function spaces with gold and celestial blue color palettes. Each of the fourth-floor paintings is an original, curated from antique and vintage sources by senior designer Steve Sherman of the luxury interior design firm BBG-BBGM in collaboration with Nancy Sweeney at Art Advisory Services.

According to Sherman, “the fourth-floor art collection is more traditional in nature and generally tells a family story.” The pieces include realistic portraits of a woman, a girl holding a floral bouquet, and a man, evoking scenes from a stately wedding. Historic paintings of a cathedral and nuns offer a reference to The Palace’s neighbor across Madison Avenue, St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The pieces on the fifth floor depart from The Palace’s traditional narrative to provide a more modern, eclectic perspective on life in contemporary New York City. From a placid scene of winter in Brooklyn to a sculpture of an abstracted woman composed of mixed woods, the fifth-floor pieces bring to mind New York, in all its dynamic, ever-changing beauty. The fifth floor does pay deference to The Palace’s rich history in one subtle way: A series of railroad prints hearkens back to Henry Villard, the 19th-century railroad financier responsible for building the Villard Mansion – now an integral part of The New York Palace.

These artful updates are just one piece of the transformation the historic hotel is undergoing. Check this blog frequently to learn more about the rebirth of this New York City legend.

Learn more about The Palace’s fourth- and fifth-floor meeting spaces.

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