May 9, 2013

The Palace Gift Shop

A favorite place in hotels among travelers is the gift shop. Usually serving as a place to grab a quick snack or gift for a loved one, we are excited to share that The New York Palace is bringing guests a store that is bigger and better.

Currently, our concession booth can be found near the Concierge at the Madison Avenue entrance. Once our renovations are completed, the retailer will move to an area near the first floor elevators at the 51st Street entrance, which will increase its overall visibility both inside and outside The Palace.

We caught up with Zia Haq, who has managed the store for the past 16 years and has experienced several relocations.


“I am extremely anxious and excited about the overall renovations, especially the new location of the store that will make it more noticeable,” says Haq. “The plan for the new space will be at least 350 square feet and will offer special discounts.”

As the staff prepares for the new store, Haq spends his time managing employees and attending various retail shows to find unique merchandise to offer guests. “Aside from the usual items you find in gift shops like magazines and toiletries, we plan to offer patrons brand name apparel and a new line of New York Palace custom items,” says Haq.

In the comments below tell us what items you would like to see in our new gift shop. Stay tuned for more to come!

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