April 16, 2013

Unique Fixtures

We’ve touched on new lighting features that have been installed at The New York Palace, such as in our post Adding Sparkle with Swarovski Crystal Lighting, but we wanted to showcase even more beautiful images of both old and new chandeliers guests can find during their stays.

The light fixtures below represent how The Palace is integrating both traditional and modern designs. Check out the transition from left to right in the images below.


Left: A traditional chandelier that is representative of the nineteenth century when The Villard Mansion was built.

Middle: Transitioning into a more modern element, this fixture contains a nature-inspired aesthetic, featuring leaves made of glass that surround the light to create a warm ambiance.

Right: This is a hybrid of the previous two works. Not a full chandelier, nor merely a modern piece, this design includes encircling rings that reflect light in a unique way on The Palace ceiling.

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