April 19, 2013

What’s Your Sign?

The New York Palace is filled with unique architectural structures and tantalizing tidbits created by the two greatest designers of the early 1880’s – Stanford White and Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Their designs have made the hotel not only enjoyable to visit, but also an attraction for history and architecture buffs alike.

Our unique Astrological Clock is located in the hallway near the Madison Room. The time piece was commissioned by Henry Villard to separate the public and private portions of the mansion. According to historian Mosette Broderick, astrology and the zodiac were fascinating to many people during the late 1800s.

The craftsmanship of the clock is very intricate. Usually there are numbers that represent the hour and minute, however this design replaces the numbers with the various zodiac signs that have been carved into the marble wall. The purposeful sculpture is a celestial combination of the times of the year and the hours of the day, a happy synthesis of the ancient achievements of astronomy and time keeping.

what's your sign

During your next visit to The Palace, we suggest you stop by and check out your sign!


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