March 8, 2013

Window Upgrades

In the past 30 years there is one thing that has not been altered at The Palace – our windows. With the exception of replacing the occasional leak or crack the current windows are original to the hotel’s inception, until now.

Window shot

Although the current windows have another ten years of life left in them, we wanted to maximize the guest experience by upgrading everything.

Prior to the current renovations the windows simply served their basic purpose – to provide views, natural light and protection – but now the features are more abundant. With the new installations, guests are able to open the windows. Designed in an awning style, guests can allow fresh air to circulate through their rooms for a more homelike experience.

Check out the video here that features our new window upgrades:

In addition, the windows have a low-e technology. In other words, they have a feature that reduces the amount of the sun’s heat through the windows, particularly in the summer months. However, in the winter, the sun’s heat is able to penetrate through for added warmth.


In a city exceeding more than eight million people, noise is a common issue in New York. As a bonus feature, the windows have noise attenuation qualities that reduce the noise level, ensuring that our guests will enjoy peace and quiet during their stay.

Photo Mar 04, 10 03 32 AM

As of now 25 percent of the windows have been replaced but the team is diligently working to complete the overhaul.

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