Maitre Cuisinier de France Jacques Sorci Reflects on His Experience as Executive Chef at Lotte New York Palace

Running the day-to-day dining operation at one of Midtown Manhattan’s most prominent hotels is far from an easy task. But Lotte New York Palace Executive Chef Jacques Sorci has excelled in the position, thanks to his invaluable experience, considerable skill, and prestigious Maitre Cuisinier de France title. As The Palace’s Executive Chef, Sorci continues to lead the hotel’s food and beverage team toward its goal of becoming one of the world’s best by creating vibrant catering menus and delicious in-room dining dishes.

Sorci, who joined the hotel’s team in 2013 as part of a $140 million renovation and reboot of the property’s food and beverage program, carries an extensive portfolio of successes in the culinary world. Over the course of his more than 30 years in the industry, Sorci has worked at acclaimed restaurants all over the world. In the process, Chef has taken inspiration from unique cultures to build a skill set and resume that earned him one of the food world’s most treasured designations: Maitre Cuisinier de France.

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The Maitre Cuisinier de France title is bestowed only after a strict review process, taking into account the chef’s restaurant experiences, technical expertise, business qualifications, and cultural standing in the culinary community. Fewer than 75 chefs in North America have earned the title, placing Sorci among the nation’s best French chefs.

Sorci’s attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality make him a natural choice for the Maitre Cuisinier de France designation. These traits shine through in Lotte New York Palace’s in-room dining and catering operations, as well as on-site food and beverage venues Pomme Palais, Trouble’s Trust, Tavern on 51, and Rarities.

“You have to cook locally and seasonally,” Sorci said. “Some chefs are proud about bringing fish from around the world, or eating fruit in the off-season, which is unique. However, being able to bring fruit or meat or vegetables from a farm just outside Manhattan is going to taste much fresher than the same product that was shipped here from afar.”


Sorci has utilized locally sourced ingredients in their VIP breakfasts, prepared for events held in our Specialty Suites. At a recent VIP breakfast, Sorci and his team celebrated summer by creating an upstate farm theme. Dishes served via wooden planks, aged vessels, and glass jars set the tone for a memorable breakfast of locally farmed ingredients, served in a unique setting. On another occasion this summer, Sorci hosted a ‘Hudson Valley’ BBQ on a Specialty Suite terrace, bringing rustic charm to the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Tower Lotte New York Palace VIP Breakfast

“If you ask people what they ate at a nice restaurant, they don’t always remember,” Sorci said. “It was very important for me to create unique food in a unique setting so that people leave and can tell the story of what they ate.”

Lotte New York Palace’s culinary team – led by Sorci – serves high-quality fare at scale, creating memorable dining experiences for events as diverse as wedding receptions, corporate conferences and small social events. The chef’s background in French cuisine comes into play in some of his favorite dishes

• Crisp snapper filet with brussels sprouts and bacon in a sweet tomato confit
• Wild roasted salmon with celery and green cabbage puree, beets and carrot jus
• Crisp French fries with onion compote
• Braised Kobe short ribs with dry-aged New York strip


One of only 19 Maitre Cuisinier de France chefs in New York City, Sorci is proud of having a hand in the relaunch of Lotte New York Palace’s food and beverage program, an effort responsible for one of New York’s best French bakeries, three unique bars, and the premier catering and in-room dining offerings in New York.

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