Introducing ‘People of the Palace,’ A Spotlight on Our Talented Team

Introducing our newest initiative, #PeopleOfThePalace. Each month we’ll be highlighting the amazing talent here at The New York Palace through our social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn). Whether they are right in the center of the action, or behind the scenes making sure the hotel runs smoothly for our guests, The Palace appreciates each and every one of our employees for bringing a unique personality to the hotel.

We kick this month off with Leonardo Lorenzo, our Associate Director of Catering. Below is the full interview for this month’s Employee Showcase:

[The New York Palace]: How long have you been working at The Palace?
[Leonardo Lorenzo]: I’ve been here for a year and 4 months now.

[NYP]: Tell us a little more about what you do here – what’s your day-to-day?
[LL]: We sell our event space for social events, corporate events, as well as non-profit events. After the selling process takes place, we also plan events and execute them. So, it’s a one stop shop for our clients. We get to be with them from Day 1 when they inquired about our space, all the way to the end of their event. We have a team of 6 on the catering side. It’s a great team, I’m very proud of them. We also have fantastic Banquet, Culinary and Steward Teams that really make it happen and deliver on the day of the event.

[NYP]: Did you start in Catering Sales?
[LL]: I’ve pretty much known I wanted to work in hotels since high school. So, I went to school for hotel management, and started in Operations. I worked the Front Desk, I did Housekeeping, I had internships in every possible department – including security – I worked in the kitchen, I did it all in terms of the hotel business. 13 years ago is when I made the big switch of moving from Operations to the Catering side of the operation. That’s when I said ‘This is it, this is where I want to be.’ So I’ve been doing this for quite a bit now.

[NYP]: What’s your favorite part about The New York Palace?
[LL]: It’s been an amazing experience. I would have to say our incredible Courtyard is a unique feature that our property has. It really sets the tone and tells a story of our history. It’s really beautiful. Secondly, the team. We have an amazing, amazing team in every single department and it’s so pleasant to work with them all.

[NYP]: Where do you live now?
[LL]: I’ve been in the States since 2002, but I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now I’ve lived in Hell’s Kitchen ever since I moved to New York in 2009.

[NYP]: Tell us a little about your favorite place to eat?
[LL]: I can tell you all about my favorite spots in the city. I love going to this little Italian tapas place in my neighborhood called Briciola on 51st and 9th. It’s just so cozy – it’s tiny. You sit at one long communal table surrounded by wine racks. All the servers are European. It’s super fun.

[NYP]: What’s been your most memorable moment here at The Palace?
[LL]: When I booked my first wedding. That was the most rewarding moment when I first started, was when I got that first signed contract for a Villard Ballroom wedding. It’s because it’s a trust that you’ve gained after several site visits and appointments with a possible bride and her family. It’s a very sentimental decision that this family is making. They’re spending their own money and they really create that connection with you.

[NYP]: Share a fun fact about yourself that we may not know. Any hobbies, etc.?
[LL]: I really like to entertain other people. I like to have a good time when I’m here and when I’m not here. I like to spend time with friends, laugh and be positive.

[NYP]: What’s your favorite event in NYC?
[LL]: I love The Nutcracker. It’s a beautiful ballet. I love musicals. I’m one of those people that go and wait in line for the lottery. I just saw the Book of Mormon, it was great. I saw Kinky Boots, Hedwig and the Angry Inch – it’s really cool to win tickets through the lottery.

Thank you, Leo for sharing your experience with The New York Palace. We’re happy to have you on board!

Leonardo Lorenzo - ©Hechler

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