The Palace’s Rare Portal to the Past

Time travel is possible. Tony Perrottet of The New York Times reveals that New Yorkers need only a MetroCard to transport themselves to the past. Our destination today? The incredibly romantic and entirely luxurious Gilded Age. As Perrottet’s article “Regilding the Gilded Age in New York” points out, The New York Palace offers its very own portal to the past, Rarities, an elite member of vintage Manhattan bars and lounges.

Opulent, yet refined, Rarities features rich fabrics, ornate décor and an aroma of the past. An enticing menu of pre-prohibition era spirits helps to set the scene, causing Perrottet to comment that, “it still feels like Villard could be cutting million-dollar deals over Cognac and cigars.” Rarities’ impressive menu includes genuine Gilded Age wines such as a rich 1888 Frapin Cognac and a robust 1900 Château Margaux.

Though monopolies and railroad magnates are firmly rooted in the past, Perrottet muses about today’s “masters of the universe”, an elite collection of entrepreneurs that would feel at home in the lounge’s supple leather arm chairs. The remarkable décor is all a part of the experience, with Perrottet noting that “walls lined with plush velvet wallpaper of arterial purple and brooding oil paintings behind golden frames” create an ambience unique to the Gilded Age. Unlike any NYC lounge you’ve experienced, Rarities embodies a comfortable and elegant atmosphere, accepting reservations for only 25 guests at a time. Make reservations today to secure your ticket to the Gilded Age, bowler hats and bustles are of course optional.

The New York Palace Hotel -Rarities

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